Mind-Centered Therapy

Depth Therapy

Mind-Centered Therapy is a depth therapy, meaning we explore unconscious contents and processes that affect the way you experience life today. We look for patterns that may be repeating and keep you locked in unhelpful ways of being in the world.

Besides the unconscious, we recognize that you have access to higher states of consciousness. 

We may decide to use techniques to access various states of consciousness, like meditation or guided imagery. 

An Integrated Approach

Mind-Centered Therapy is largely based in the Psychoanalytic Relational School. However, we use a multitude of approaches depending on what suits the client best. I draw heavily on Humanistic therapies, Internal Family Systems theory, Integral, Transpersonal, and Positive psychologies.

A Holistic Approach

Mind-Centered Therapy is based on the worldview that your mind is not your brain. Your mind is highly affected by your social and physical environment, your spiritual life as well as your physical health. We look at all of these aspects of your whole being in order to help you be your best. 

If you have a mental health diagnosis…

We certainly want you to learn how to manage difficult symptoms. However, because Mind-Centered Therapy is not based on the medical model, we often find that we do not have to focus directly on the symptoms of a diagnosis to bring symptom relief. We focus instead on the pattern that contributes to your symptoms.

You may choose Mind-Centered Depth Therapy if

  • You are experiencing depression, anxiety, or symptoms of another mental diagnosis.
  • You experienced trauma or had a painful or difficult childhood.
  • You are currently experiencing dissatisfaction in your relationships.
  • You feel like you are not leading the life you were meant to live.
  • You know you could feel better, but you don’t know how to go about doing so

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