Dr. Margaret Arnd-Caddigan, LCSW

Institute for Mind-Centered Therapy PLLC

Mind-Centered Therapy is based on the worldview that your mind is not your brain.  Your mind is highly affected by your social and physical environment, your spiritual life as well as your physical health.  We look at all of these aspects of your whole being in order to help you be your best.

Dr. Margaret Arnd- Caddigan, LCSW

Dr. Arnd-Caddigan has taught, researched, and conducted psychotherapy for many years.

Mind-Centered Therapy is a holistic depth approach to mental well-being.

Continuing Ed. Courses

Dr. Arnd-Caddigan teaches several continuing education courses.

Finding Our Minds Podcast

Dr. Arnd-Caddigan takes a deep dive into Mind-Centered Therapy topics on her podcast.

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